December 2017 Newsletter

Our recent travels took us to western New York where we had a rewarding meeting with Renee Cerullo, President of Ed Tech. We were able to gain insight for a partner profile that is available at:

As an all-volunteer organization based in Buffalo, NY, Ed Tech of Western New York seeks to enrich the lives of children by improving access to computer technology.  They have an interesting model with ‘Ed Tech Days’ where an amazing amount of work gets done. If you know someone who is interested in improving computer access in a new city, their example could be useful. The ‘Ed Tech Day’ model could also be a way to mix things up with your current volunteer efforts.

Throughout the year, we add information to our website. Some recent additions/updates that might be of particular interest are:

We are looking forward to getting together with PBDD partners in conjunction with the next NDIA conference, April 17-19 in Cleveland. If you plan to attend, please let us know and we will schedule some time to meet with you and to give you the opportunity to meet each other.  We find these conferences to be extremely valuable and encourage all of our partners to join NDIA (it is free to affiliate) and to attend the conference if you are able. Details are available at:

Our other plans for 2018 include meeting partners in California in January, working on  white papers, and adding information on issues of common concern. Wishing you the best as we head into 2018.

Katherine, VP-Communications

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