June 2017 Newsletter

This newsletter is about the release of a white paper on fundraising, a new partner profile on Comp-U-Dopt, and updated web pages.

Our fourth white paper, The Experience of Fundraising, published in June 2017, was based on a series of questions with phone interviews. Thanks to all who contributed. The white paper is available as PDF or HTML. Recommendations include:

  1. Take advantage of region-specific opportunities at the city or state level.
  2. Tell stories to get free advertising and more donations.
  3. Cultivate relationships with donors, volunteers, and potential donors. Thank you is more important than please, but say both.
  4. Remember, your situation is unique so experiment to determine what works best for you.

Several months ago, we made HTML versions of all our white papers so the content is searchable on our web site. https://pbdd.org/?s=your-term-here. All of our white papers can be found at:  https://pbdd.org/white-papers/

We’ve released a new partner profile on Comp-U-Dopt. PBDD met with the Executive Director, Megan Steckly, in February and toured their facility. Comp-U-Dopt was founded in 2007 by John Osha, a Houston patent attorney, based on the belief that every child deserves equal access to education and opportunity. Comp-U-Dopt has provided over eight thousand students and families in the Houston area with home computers while reducing the e-waste from unused computer equipment. In Houston, there are 133,000 families that don’t have computers at home. Comp-U-Dopt served 6% of that need in the last ten years. The need is great.

Updates to our website:

  • changed tagline to ‘an information sharing agency for digital inclusion‘ to better reflect our mission.
  • adjusted main menus to make it easier to find information about partners, training, nonprofits and getting connected, which includes information about refurbishing.
  • under Creative Endeavors, we have a collection of pictures of bridges that we’ve taken that are available under a creative commons license, i.e. you’re free to use them. There are several pages of pictures, with more to come. As time permits, we’ll identify where the bridges are located. They’re from our travels since the founding of PBDD.
  • under Resources for Nonprofits, there is information about Tech Soup, Google Services, Bridging the Gap, Ad Words and other services for nonprofits. PBDD recently used the Google services to obtain email addresses connected with our domain for board members.

Katherine Lato

VP-Communications PBDD

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