Creative Endeavors

This is a page to link creative endeavors about digital inclusion. If you have something you would like to include, please contact us by filling in this form.

Items include:

Here’s a few short stories from Katherine addressing the digital divide.

  1. Packages  – a story about a young man on the wrong side of the digital divide facing the temptation of easy money.
  2. Computer Opportunities –  shows how not being comfortable around computers decreases one’s opportunities since even filling out a job application requires using a computer these days.
  3. An Easy Example –  lack of computer access can affect a young girl’s math education.
  4. Booming Connections – story showing the value of technology for seniors that mentions one of our partners,

bridge and reflection in waterNote: Copyright for any material listed here belongs to the author of the material. (i.e. It is not under a Creative Commons license. The material may be linked to, but cannot be copied and distributed without the author’s permission.)