Getting Connected

Libraries, community-based organizations, local governments, housing authorities and others in cities across the country have organized coalitions to cooperatively address equitable access and use of communication technologies. This Guidebook, assembled by NDIA, reflects lessons learned from six established community-wide digital inclusion coalitions.

Getting connected includes getting equipment and broadband access. Subpages on this site include:

Finding Equipment

Location-specific offers for computers, Internet access and training are available through While in some situations, there are free computers available, most of the computers on the site are low-cost, not free. The same is true of the Internet offers. But it’s a good location-specific place to start.

Finding Broadband

Bill Callahan of Connect Your Community has put together a Map of NDIA affiliates providing broadband adoption services. Locate one in your area.

There are a number of low cost access options available for end-users as well as nonprofits, schools and libraries. Read about it here.

Public Policy Initiatives are available here.

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