About Us

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We are an all-volunteer digital inclusion information agency.

As we develop training material, processes and shared experiences, and as we learn about existing public-domain resources, we promote their use and encourage individual agencies to share their resources. We also work with communities to build programs where they are needed and do not yet exist. All information is available free-of-charge within our website, with links to other initiatives and an expanding list of resources in a variety of areas.

When Barry completed his employment after thirty years in the computer/communication industry, he wanted to volunteer more of his time. His plan was to build on his volunteer efforts with the Peoples Resource Center, where he’d taught classes on computers for five years. He’d long admired the PRC’s program of refurbishing and giving away computers and training to clients.

With more time for volunteer work, Barry explored the notion of  introducing such a program in Milwaukee, his home town.  Milwaukee County is the same relative size as DuPage County, has a substantial resource base and has strong needs. His initial thought was to have PRC, with Barry’s  help, serve as a mentor organization, documenting best practices and providing guidance. With some encouragement, the concept quickly grew to establishing a mechanism for existing non-profit agencies engaged in this work to communicate, build upon each other’s successes, and foster the growth of new agencies to help address the digital divide in their communities.

Thus, was the concept of Partners Bridging the Digital Divide (PBDD) born.

We provide a general framework of assistance and promotion of existing agencies, while supporting and encouraging specific program initiatives. We are working to provide material to help start programs in new communities with the aim of learning from this experience and leveraging this to help others start programs in their own communities.

You can find out more by browsing our website, looking at our research papers, newsletters, and Measuring Impact of PBDD.

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