MAPPINGS – Money Assisting Partners to Provide Impactful New Good Stuff 

Background: PBDD is launching a funding initiative for busy agencies. Thanks to the Jack & Lucy Rosenberg Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, we have available funds for a limited number of $500 grants. The application is an electronic postcard (see above) or email. Our goal  is to provide our smaller non-profit partners the incentive and opportunity to ask themselves what they can do to better provide something NEW for digital inclusion services within their communities.

Just tell us in ONE or TWO sentences: What could you do with an extra $500 to help bridge the digital divide.

Feel free to apply more than once. Our expectation is that the money would be used within six months of receiving the grant. The only follow-up required is to share a story with us about what you did and how it worked. Again, only a couple of sentences.

 For example:

  1. I’d create a survey to contact 100 of my clients and follow-up on a class offering.

  2. We have training, but not in Spanish, and would use this money to adapt a specific class.

  3.  from P2Pu (and granted): A number of our learning circle partners have expressed interest in receiving a physical learning circle toolkit when they start learning circles; this would include things like nicely bound facilitator and organizer guides, some custom notebooks for learners with lightweight facilitation exercises, P2PU promotional materials, etc. So far we have not been able to fund such a project, but this grant would give us the opportunity to design a prototype with the hope of growing it into a more central part of the learning circle onboarding experience down the road. One of our grantmakers is matching funds we raise for the rest of 2019, so the impact of $500 would effectively be $1,000.
  4. from AZStRUT (and granted) Use it to further develop environmental education focused on Circular Economy, reuse of smartphones.
  5. Your example…

We call it MAPPINGS – Money Assisting Partners to Provide Impactful New Good Stuff.

If your organization is big enough that $500 won’t make an impact, consider helping us fund additional grants to help smaller organizations that can put it to good use.