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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with PBDD to help bridge the digital divide. Please read through the volunteer positions below and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Feel free to suggest something related to your skills and interests even if it’s not on the list.


Website Tester

Visit  every page on the PBDD website, checking links, noting any bad links or confusing text

  • Skill required: reading
  • Time estimate: 2-20 hours every 4 months
  • Output: email list of any bad links, confusing text

Community Outreach

Represent PBDD at community meetings or events (for example, Connect Chicago networking meetings).

  • Time estimate: 3- 5 hours each meeting
  • Output: notes about meeting indicating key points and  possible follow up with people or item


Research paper assistant researcher/editor

Contact partners with list of questions to gather information for current research paper topic. Read and suggest edits for current draft. Suggest topics for research papers based on partner discussions.

  • Getting started: Contact PBDD for next topic
  • Skill required: reading, analysis, writing
  • Time estimate: 4 – 10 hours total
  • Output: Notes from partner interviews. Suggested research paper edits.

Become a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher through PBDD 

  • Getting started: Learn about the MRR program
  • Skill required: Comfortable with computer hardware
  • Time estimate: 20 hours (but then ongoing might need 5-10 hours a month refurbishing computers)
  • Output: obtain MRR Certification, share knowledge of refurbishing PCs, provide documentation of the process.

Donor database specialist

Research options  and suggest a free donor database requiring  web -server.

  • Getting started: Contact PBDD for material gathered to date & high level requirements
  • Skill required: Software installation, testing
  • Time estimate: 10-40 hours total
  • Output: recommendation on donor database to fit needs


Database designer

Investigate and set up a database  and user interface for searching for training classes.

  • Getting started: Familiarize yourself with existing training classes listed, review database query criteria developed to date.
  • Skill required: Research, wordpress, database & user interface design
  • Time estimate: 40-80 hours total
  • Output: Initial version of training database location system

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