Serendipity -10/19/2015

Planning is important, but sometimes you can’t beat good luck.

When the National Digital Inclusion Alliance was launched earlier this year, PBDD joined, and I subscribed to the mailing list. It has been a pleasure to follow the progress, and to participate in our small way in its efforts to bring home and public broadband access to everyone.

The announcement of a conference on Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide sparked my interest, but with our commitment to attend the Electronics Reuse Conference, I tagged this as something to keep our eyes on and maybe attend the next biennial event May 24-26, 2017 in San Diego. I didn’t mention this to the full board, thinking that it wasn’t of major relevance.

Meanwhile, Maryanna Milton, a member of our board, was planning a fall vacation to Scottsdale Arizona. A couple weeks ago, through her position with the People’s Resource Center, she learned of the PPDD conference, discovered that it coincided with her trip, and registered.

A beautiful coincidence of timing. But wait, there’s more.

Less than a week before the conference, there was a cancellation of a speaker, and Maryanna was invited to talk, if she could commit that day. She plunged in, and will be presenting a talk on Practical Experience from Two Illinois Non-profits Bridging the Digital Divide

Isn’t life amazing sometimes? Here’s a copy of her abstract:

12,000 free refurbished computers have been given to Du Page county residents through People’s Resource Center’s Computer Access Program. In addition, computer training classes ranging from basic introduction to MOS certification are offered free of charge to any adult living in the county.

What are the key elements of this organization? How can we replicate them in other places?

Partners Bridging the Digital Divide works with nonprofit agencies to share experiences, best practices and materials, in order to improve existing programs and start programs in unserved areas.

A leader from two Illinois non-profits linked by the shared vision of access to technology and training in order to bridge the digital divide will present practical experience and suggestions.


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