September 9, 2016

photo-sep-10-7-12-16-pmDate: Friday, September 9

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Location: People’s Resource Center, 201 S. Naperville Road, Wheaton Illinois

Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

How Called: Standing meeting

Convened: 9:30

Attendees: Barry, Maryanna, Katherine

1 Minutes

Approval of August  minutes

2 New Business

  1. Joint Fundraiser with PRC – need to encourage our friends to buy tickets. Mention that there are a limited number. Discussed logistics.
  2. Goals for coming year: expand board, training database, volunteer recruitment & usage, others?
  3. Approved the budget for the Oct. 20th fundraiser.

3 Information Sharing

  1. Web Site Updates

4 Action Item Status Changes

Placeholder for Minutes, to record items closed during meeting

  1. Closed 9/7/16. Opened 5/13/16: Investigate Repair Cafe. There is one in Oak Park, Maryanna will check them out. While a neat concept, they don’t do computers. We may want a category of ‘Other.’ and place this under it. Katherine’s action item now. Placed this in: 
  2. Closed in August 2016. Opened 7/20/16: Katherine. Newsletter article based on Mobile Citizen and Mobile Beacon offers. With Barry’s help, closed in August 2016.
  3. Closed 9/9/16. Opened 8/12/16: Explore options for board make-up for next fiscal year which begins in March, 2017.  Discussed and no significant changes.

5 Time and Location for Next Meeting

Next meeting – October 14 @ 9:30 or may move it to the 21st.

6 Adjourn –

Adjourned: 11:00

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