Resources for Refurbishers

This page contains information useful for organizations which currently provide refurbished digital hardware for those in need. It also contains information for those considering setting up such a program. For resources specific to non-profit refurbishers, see our Resources for Nonprofits page.

  1. Best Practices, for programs and procedures. We’ve written several white papers and intend to write more. If you have something you’d like to share, please send it to us via the contact page.
  2. PCs for People has developed a framework for managing their enterprise, from inventory of donation through recycling, donation/sale, and support. They are opening up their software for free to nonprofits and running it on their servers, lifting much of the management burden off those organizations. They also provide PCs and internet service for low-income individuals
  3. Digital Inclusion Resource Library – collection of documents, reports, teaching aids and other assets used by digital inclusion practitioners. The platform can point to interactive content as well. You can sign up to participate at
  4. A set of manuals from iFixit on a Wiki page describing many aspects of running a refurbishing program, including: Computer Triage, Hard Drive Wiping, Loading Software, and Obtaining Donations, and Working with Laptops
  5. The Refurbishers Google Group provides a forum for communication between refurbishers, and the archive contains a great collection of questions and answers previously posted.
  6. Microsoft Refurbishing Program Resources:
  7.  Association for Repair –, an organization which advocates for the right to repair, promoting legislation and other solutions. Membership fee is waived for non-profits.
  8. Tech Soup’s Manuals for Refurbishing, including sub-topics of
  9. A white paper from Mike Cheslock of on Rethinking Vulnerabilities of Data Wiping Process
  10. A refurbishing checklist from
  11. Ifixit A treasure trove of manuals and assistance for technology repair and encouraging the right to repair
  12. Youtube video from Electronic Access Foundation that shows how to  refurbish, sanitize and load machines with Ubuntu
  13. E-stewards is an organization that defines and promotes responsible electronics reuse and recycling best practices worldwide
  14. See our page listing conferences that may be of interest in connecting with other organizations involved in refurbishing
  15. National Cristina Foundation has launched Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR), to encourage computer refurbishers to work together

If you’d like to become a Partner Agency, please send a request  via the contact page. There is no fee, simply provide your program description and contact information, and add a link to to your website. Details about Partner Agencies are available here. A quick list is available here.

Resources for Training

  • Can be found on this page.
  • Many local libraries provide computer literacy training.