Partner Agencies

If you’d like to become a Partner Agency, please send a request via the contact page. There is no fee, simply provide your program description and contact information, and add a link to to your website.

Details about Partner Agencies are available here. The following is a quick summary.

org name Website description City State
Technology Learning Collaborative of Philadelphia Technology Learning Collaborative

The mission of the Technology Learning Collaborative is to sustain a robust network of community-based organizations doing digital literacy work, to improve and expand programming across Philadelphia, share and promote member resources to the wider communities they serve, offer professional training and development for member staff, collaborate on high priority interest areas, and advocate for projects and programs that promote digital literacy and reduce the digital divide. As a professional association TLC brings together agencies with diverse missions to accomplish common goals through digital literacy programming. Here are some of the things they do:

  • Develop programmatic areas, including GED/ABE, Adult Literacy, Workforce Development
  • Share resources, program information, digital literacy instructors
  • Convene regularly to improve and test new ideas with other TLC members through the TLC Series, a set of quarterly trainings and an annual conference on digital literacy and instruction
  • Identify volunteer needs and placement opportunities for digital literacy work
  • Promote programs that promote digital literacy and equitable Internet access

Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Technology System Solutions Technology System Solutions

Technology System Solutions (TSS) is a non-profit organization committed to helping the under-resourced neighborhoods, and the organizations that serve them, have access to and use of information and communication technology.

Premised on the belief that substantive, supported access to technology will be a powerful catalysts and incentive for all to pursue their life, education and employment goals, our mission is to ensure that all families regardless of income, have access to information technology and the capacity to take advantage of the academic, economic, and social opportunities that today’s technology affords.

Sanford North Carolina
The Repair Association

The Repair Association is an umbrella organization serving the converged needs of technology repair, resale, reuse and recycling industry.  Our mission is to promote repair-friendly legislation, regulations, and standards here in the US and increasingly to help other groups develop similar advocacy internationally.  We believe that repair is the key test of true ownership – that if you cannot fix your stuff you do not truly own it.

North River NY
Veterans Court Technology Clinic Veteran’s Court Technology Clinic

The Veterans Court  Technology Clinic is a 501c3 operating over the last five years in St. Louis, MO. We serve the underserved: homeless, people re-entering society from prison, and people with little or no personal resources, many of them veterans. We teach them fundamental computers skills, help them with resume writing and equip them with a free computer upon graduation.

St. Louis MO