Partner Agencies

If you’d like to become a Partner Agency, please send a request via the contact page. There is no fee, simply provide your program description and contact information, and add a link to to your website.

Details about Partner Agencies are available here. The following is a quick summary.

org name Website description City State
AZ StRUT AZ StRUT (Students Recycling Used Technology)

Formed in 1997 by founding sponsors Intel and Motorola, Arizona Students Recycling Used Technology (AZ StRUT) is a partnership between local schools and businesses, where students learn new skills by refurbishing used computer equipment. The equipment is then donated to Arizona schools and other qualified non-profit organizations.

In 2018, AZ StRUT refurbished and donated 5705 computers to Arizona schools and nonprofit organizations. This included 2461 laptops and 2689 desktops with the remaining items being servers, I-macs, Mac-books, I-pads, tablets and gaming systems. AZ StRUT also donated LCD monitors, switches, routers, rack systems, smart boards, LCD projectors and printers. The total value of the equipment donated was over $626,080. This was done in partnership with over 700 students at 14 AZ StRUT refurbishing schools where the students are learning computer maintenance and refurbishing skills.

In 2018, AZ StRUT delivered 46 Techie Camps that served 488 girls and boys. The Techie Camps teach students how a computer or other device works and the impact of software on the operations of the computer/device. Students disassemble working hardware and reassemble the equipment while learning the functionality and how it interacts with the other components. Students configure operating systems and learn how it controls the device. Typical camps allow the Title 1 students to take a computer/device home to enhance their educational pursuits.

In 2018, AZ StRUT started their Chromium STEM partnership with Cartwright School District. They supported 6 STEM teachers in delivering our Techie Camp curriculum to 378 six grade Title I students. They have delivered approximately 200 computers to these students.

AZ StRUT supports a community commitment to reach a greener future. In 2018, 849,634 pounds (424 Tons) were refurbished, re-used, re-marketed or recycled.


* 39 tons of electronics were refurbished and donated to Arizona schools and non-profits.


* 154 tons of electronics not needed for Arizona schools and non-profits found another useful life.


* 231 tons of obsolete and non-repairable electronic waste was responsibly recycled, according to the national Responsible Recycling (R2) Certification Program.


Mesa Arizona
Community Computer Connection

Community Computer Connection, an official Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, has provided access to technology to the underserved communities of Colorado since 2000. Over the many years, Community Computer Connection has refurbished and distributed thousands of computers to schools and nonprofit organizations. Over 30% of our computer systems go to youth and families in Colorado.

Community Computer Connection receives donations of used computer equipment from local corporations, organizations, and individuals. Our team fully refurbishes and distributes them to charities, schools and low income families for an administrative fee. The computers we refurbish come complete with licensed Windows operating systems and additional software. The computers are used to establish or upgrade community technology centers, improve administrative operations, and support “Learn and Earn” programs that award students a computer for completing technical training.

Education and training is a vital part of our program. We have established partnerships with local colleges in the Front Range area which incorporate work study students to assist us in the refurbishment process. Students who participate with our program are able to earn money to towards their school expenses as well as gain hands on work experience that contributes to their professional skills.

Aurora Colorado
CompuCorps CompuCorps

CompuCorps is a high-tech charity that seeks to benefit Canadian society by providing at risk groups (Aboriginal, youth,  seniors and those living with disability) career and life skills training focused on access to technology (computers) and the internet.

The organization runs three programs including; TechYouth, TechReuse and TechMentor. It was funded in 2000, has engaged over 250 IT volunteers, and it has contributed to over 100 charity projects supported by a dedicated team of members and volunteers. CompuCorps is also a registered Microsoft partner and refurbisher.

Ottawa ON
Computer Reach Computer Reach

COMPUTER REACH is a nonprofit social enterprise that trains volunteers to refurbish used computers and digital equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. We work with funding partners to provide refurbished equipment to qualified humanitarian organizations around the world to meet their technology needs so they can better serve their communities. We support the equipment we place and specify environmentally responsible recycling.


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Computers 4 Kids Computers for Kids

Located in West Sacramento, Computers 4 Kids (C4K) operates in response to our region’s need for the development of technical abilities and the promotion of improved educational outcomes. Our region’s students and the community in which we reside are our priority!

C4K has made available free and/or low cost desktops and laptops for students in the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) and the Los Rios Community College district (LRCCD) with ongoing support!

1)      Eligibility is determined by student participation in Federal Student Aid, State Board of Governor Waiver programs, and any form of public assistance.

2)      Referrals can be made via email from the C4K designated contact at each campus.

C4K also provides paid technical internships to students in the LRCCD. As a technical intern, the student will strengthen their abilities in client contact soft skills, computer architecture, hardware repair and replacement, software installation and upgrades, basic PC maintenance, in addition to gaining interpersonal relations communication skills.

“Improving academic success one student at a time”

West Sacramento California
Computers to SD Kids

C2SDK believes all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of their economic status, need to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and the crucial educational, occupational, and financial resources that technology can provide to improve their educational options and their futures.

Economic barriers to technology hinder the growth and development of low-income families and perpetuate poverty. C2SDK responds to this digital disparity and the real-world demand for computer literacy through its Technology Assistance Program that recycles and refurbishes used computers and delivers them to families in need. C2SDK also provides each recipient with education, training and technical support necessary to achieve success.

San Diego California
Connected Insights Connected Insights

Connected Insights was founded to:

  1. Increase access to and the affordability of research and evaluation services.

  2. Improve organizations ability to communicate their impact.

  3. Spearhead a coalitional effort to share program metrics across the social sector in order to better demonstrate shared impacts, drive social innovation and advocate for resources and support.

Strongsville OH
Connected Nation Connected Nation

Connected Nation has been committed to provide extensive broadband planning services for communities and states for more than ten years. These services ranging from comprehensive broadband mapping to public policy language. Connected Nation has a number of services to serve communities and its citizens.

Connected Nation promotes digital literacy by joining together public and private partners in programs that help vulnerable populations overcome top barriers to technology adoption – broadband awareness, technology training, computer ownership, and subscription affordability.

Bowling Green Kentucky
Digital Bridge Digital Bridge

Digital Bridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to connecting underserved communities with digital resources they would otherwise not be able to access or afford, turning technology destined for the landfill into tools of empowerment.

They take used assets from local businesses, schools, organizations, and individuals to provide affordable technology to low-income households and non-profits.

By partnering with local non-profits to set up computer labs, distribute computer, and provide affordable technology , they ensure that each project is sustainable and reaches those in need.

Milwaukee Wisconsin
Ed Tech

Ed Tech of WNY is an all-volunteer organization based in Buffalo NY. We enrich the lives of children by improving access to modern computer technology. The organization sets-up and installs or configures reliable networks, WiFi, computers, smartboards, servers and other types of technology for community centers, schools, or non-profits. We have “Ed Tech Days” where we spend at least 8 hrs. on site replacing and improving the technology at the site.

Hamburg New York