Open for Business – 5/17/15

At some point in any enterprise, the preliminary work is done and you’re open for business. The non-profit I’ve started, PBDD (Partners Bridging the Digital Divide) has reached that point.

The paperwork is completed with respect to the state of Illinois and the federal government as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Our website is up with the ability to present information about the organization, share knowledge from partner agencies, and accept contributions.

We have reached out to agencies in the industry involved in refurbishing and have an initial set of partner agencies across the United States.

We have identified a community with which to initiate a pilot project and preliminary talks are underway.

It’s a good start, though we have much more to do. But we’re up and running, and the rest is execution.

I look forward to the next steps.

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