October 2017 Newsletter

We just released a new partner profile on Arzona Students Recycling Used Technology (AZStRUT) at  https://pbdd.org/partner-profiles thanks to board member Maryanna Milton. When possible, we like to include a visit with a partner profile, so hopefully, our travels will take us to your location. When we travel, we tend to take pictures of bridges, and have compiled several pages of bridges that you are free to use since they are under a creative commons license. They are available at: https://pbdd.org/pictures-of-bridges/ 

We are planning to host a pre-conference workshop/get-together of PBDD partners in conjunction with the next NDIA conference, April 17-19 in Cleveland. If anyone has specific items they’d like to discuss, please let us know. We get a lot out of these conferences and encourage all of our partners to join NDIA (it is free to affiliate) and to attend the conference if you are able. Details are available at:  https://digitalinclusion.org/netinclusion2018/

In cooperation with the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), NDIA is developing a repository of digital inclusion material. This will include course material and curricula, policy documents, and documents describing  management of digital inclusion programs. PBDD has been involved in prototyping and testing this tool, and we look forward to the official announcement and roll-out later this fall.

We are continuing to add partner agencies. Check out the full list and let us know if you have any updates to the description for your organization.

Katherine Lato, VP-Communications, PBDD

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