Measuring Impact of PBDD

Measuring Impact of Digital Inclusion Work – Last revised August 7, 2019

PBDD aims to:

  • Gather and share information relevant to non-profit refurbishers and technical training agencies regarding programs, processes, and resources.
  • Encourage initiatives in underserved communities to bridge the digital divide.
  • Build on existing structures to identify and address needs which aren’t being met.
  • Provide incremental financial support to select partners.

At PBDD, we measure impact by:

  • Number of partner agencies
  • Number of experience papers published
  • Amount of information made available through our web pages
  • Extent to which web pages are being used
  • How much financial support we provided to partners

We have expanded to thirty-six partner agencies, published five experience papers describing the lessons from our partners in various arenas, and amassed a collection of digital inclusion training material on our web site. In 2019, we paid to have four partners attend the Net Inclusion Conference in April.