July 1, 2019

bridge to access viewing areaDate: Monday July 1, 2019

Time: 4:00pm CDT, (2:00pm MST)

Location: via  Zoom 

Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

How Called: Standing meeting

Convened: 4:10

Attendees: Barry, Maryanna, Katherine

1 Minutes

Approval of May minutes

2 New Business

  1. Reviewing our mission statement. http://www.jeffersonawards.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Mission-Statement-Exercise.pdf
    1. “What does it look like when we’re doing our best work?
    2. “What would it look like if we were doing our best work (ideally)?”
    3. We discussed this, and shared information, and will continue off-line. (Have action item on this.)
  2. Ideas for future actions/impact
    1. We’ll start calling our white papers experience papers. Katherine has an action item on this.
  3. Partner tank discussion. Digital postcard application.

3 Information Sharing

  1. AFTRR meeting, newsletter, response – 21 people looked at it the first day we published it.
  2. Partner Updates
    1. iFixit
    2. The Repair Association
    3. Connected Insights
    4. Mobile Citizen
    5. Tech For Troops
  3. Website Updates: Newsletter, Fixed Contact Forms, Partner Pages
  4. Net Inclusion & AFTRR 2020 in Portland- reserved room, plans for Digital Inclusion Seder
  5. Next Experience Paper: Sharing your Success Stories- google doc– stories gathered at Net Inclusion, email responses. Develop draft.

4 Action Item Status Updates

Walking through Action Item List and noting updates. In the minutes, this will record items closed during meeting. 

5 Time and Location for Next Meeting

Next meeting — Wednesday August 7, 3:30pm CDT, (1:30 MST), via  Zoom ??

6 Adjourn

Adjourned: 5:28


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