January 16, 2017

Date: Monday, January 16

Time: 2:00 p.m.  CST (1:00 p.m. MST)

Location: via Google Hangout 

Meeting Type: regular meeting rescheduled via email

How Called: Standing meeting

Convened: 2:07

Attendees: Barry, Maryanna, Katherine

1 Minutes

Approved December minutes.

2 New Business

  1. Presentation & Discussion of Draft Budget. Discussion about carry-over from previous year and whether that should show or not. Motion to approve the amended budget, seconded and passed.
  2. Discussion of questions for Partners on Fundraising & Next Steps. Have a google doc.

3 Information Sharing

  1. Website Updates (PRC Training, Creative Writing)
  2. Net Inclusion 2017 – plans.
  3. NDIA – Digital Literacy Curriculum Repository (part of DI pilot project)
  4. Arizona Strut – Student recycling used technology, Maryanna visited.

4 Action Item Status Updates

Walking through Action Items. 

  1. Closed 1/16/17. Opened 11/4/16: Set up a potential partner visit with someone near Maryanna. Visited Arizona Strut, Students Recycling Used Technology. They use Linux, have huge volume and fund with what they recycle.
  2. Closed 1/16/17. Wrote it. Opened 8/12/16: Katherine. Next partner profile is TechBoomers. Katherine drafted material during NaNoWriMo including a poem. Has sent it to Steve Black for feedback.

5 Time and Location for Next Meeting

Next meeting –  February 27 @ 2:00pm CST/1:00pm MST?

6 Adjourn

Adjourned: 3:39

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