Happy Anniversary – 02/11/2016

One year ago today (February 11 2015), I filed articles of incorporation as a non-profit with the State of Illinois. By all measures I think that it has been a good year.

With the anniversary, I find myself scheduling a second pass of things I did a year ago. In a way, it feels odd to have an established annual calendar of repeating events when only a year ago, we were breaking new ground with every step. But election of officers, filing reports, and renewing annual subscriptions are periodic and it feels good to be establishing a rhythm. And if feels great to know that we have paid for our domain and web hosting for the next couple of years.

Some of what we do is on a periodic repeating basis, but far more ad hoc than calendar-based. We try to put out Blog posts and Partner newsletters on a regular schedule. Other activities, such as participating in the planning of the Net Inclusion Summit, are in reaction to opportunities which arise. Many other items, such as development of white papers, are tasks that we keep working on until they are ready to release.

I like the mix. On a given day, some of my activities are driven by schedule, some by emails I receive and some by plugging away at my list of ongoing tasks. Our monthly board meetings help provide mini-deadlines to ensure progress on the large items.

My thanks to all who have made the first year a worthwhile one. I look forward to continued work with our partners, donors, volunteers and other associates in the coming year.


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