February 8, 2019

lit bridge over riverDate: Friday February 8

Time: 2pm MST/ 3pm CST

Location: via  Zoom

Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

How Called: Standing meeting

Convened: 3:05

Attendees: Barry, Maryanna, Katherine

1 Minutes

Approval of January 4 minutes

2 New Business

  1. Budget for 2019 – went through difference from last year’s. No questions. Motion to approve, seconded, passed.
  2. Commit to Rock Bottom for April 1 for partner get-together in Charlotte at the NDIA conference. Motion that Barry book a private room at Rock Bottom for a partner get-together. Motion passed.

3 Information Sharing

  1. Partner Profile from Digital Bridge in Milwaukee has been started. (K&B Visited in January.)
  2. Updates: Scheduled a partner visit with LTBTL for February in Birmingham.
  3. Website Updates: Secure https access. Updated links to NDIA resource library (changed location). Added SDFF partner profile, Refurbishing Reflections, and January Newsletter.
  4. Net inclusion – See action item summary for:
    1. scholarship info (#11)
    2. Scheduling our get-together (#8)
  5. Start-up Manual Working Group – edits made, call for input by NDIA. Scheduled to go to copy editor 1/31/19.
  6. AFTRR steering committee- query of interest from James Jack of Human-I-T. Call set up for 2/19 to talk about our participation in describing and documenting best practices of AFTRR steering committee members.
  7. Next White Paper: Sharing your Success Stories- google doc

4 Action Item Status Updates

Walking through Action Item List and noting updates. In the minutes, this will record items closed during meeting.


  1. Closed 2/8/19 – Partner profile for SD Futures Foundation in San Diego – meeting Dec. 20th.
    1. 1/4/19 update: draft is pending approval of SDFF. Last call for approval sent 1/22, published January 27th, newsletter published January 28th]
  2. Closed 2/8/19: Opened 10/26/18: Maryanna will document her experience becoming a Linux refurbisher as a newsletter item.
    1. 1/4/19 – Maryanna will send out draft week of 1/7/19 – aiming to go into the January newsletter. Published 1/28/19
  3. Closed 2/8/19 –  Opened 12/6/18: Barry will investigate QuickPay, where you can pay with payee’s phone number. Maryanna sent a Zelle payment, and when back in Illinois, Barry tried to establish this with the bank & Zelle, but bank doesn’t support Zelle directly, and Zelle doesn’t support ATM card for business accounts.

5 Time and Location for Next Meeting

Next meeting — Wednesday March 6, 2pm MST/3pm CST via Zoom

6 Adjourn

Adjourned: 4:00

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