Digital Inclusion Action: FCC Lifeline comments

Back in 2018, the FCC provided an opportunity for public comments on some proposed changes to the Lifeline Program. NDIA hosted a webinar on the proposed changes, and CUB in Oregon has provided a summary of what those changes are. In summary, they effect changes which will reduce the availability of lifeline broadband and low cost access to the low income individuals and families who need it to participate in todays digital world.

Comments were due to the FCC by January 24th, 2018. Since this may come up again, we are keeping PBDD’s comments are available here  for future reference.

In order to submit comments, it is recommended that you prepare a PDF file with your comments, and use the FCC Filings website. You will need to provide:

  • FCC Proceedings identifiers: 17-287, 11-42, 09-197
  • Organization Name
  • Author Name
  • Contact Email
  • Address of Author or Organization
  • An attachment of the document containing your comments

Together, we work to make our voices heard.

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