December 15, 2017

Date: Friday, December 15

Time: 2:30 p.m.  CST (1:30p.m. MST)

Location: Electronic (Zoom)

Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

How Called: Standing meeting

Convened: 2:30

Attendees: Barry, Maryanna, Katherine

1 Minutes

November minutes approved.

2 New Business

  1. Next White Paper: An Experience with Learning Circles? Agreed this is what it will be, will consult with Peer to Peer University once further along. Document started at:

3 Information Sharing

  1. Curriculum Repository Update- Nothing particularly new. Follow-up query outstanding on plans for roll-out sent last week.
  2. Net Inclusion Planning- Barry was unable to attend the planning meeting on Dec 7, but has the following updates:
    1. Sponsorship discussions are underway, with some commitments received
    2. Pre-conference workshops: Building an Intelligent State, One Community at a Time; Building Digital Inclusion Coalitions; Start Your Own Low-Cost Internet Sign-Up Program; Using Virtual Reality (VR) to Engage Youth, Seniors & Community Storytellers; New Ways of Thinking about Digital Equity; Real Time Community Broadband Planning; Building Broadband Policy By and For Digital Inclusion Practitioners; Share and Network: EveryoneOn Digital Equity Champions & Enrollment Partners
    3. Registration opened this week at . Cost is $155 for early bird subscribers (before March 1). Pre-conference add-on of $35. Barry & Katherine have registered for conference without add-on. Will register Maryanna upon confirmation of commitment and which email to use. After registering, can reserve spot for site tour using
    4. Soliciting for recommendations for panelists for Net Inclusion break-out sessions.  Please complete this form to recommend yourself or someone else. Panelists will be announced late January. Thinking of  ‘digital literacy training strategies and models.’
    5. Schedule: Site tours 2-5pm Tuesday. There will be four half-hour lightning round sessions & four hour-long break-out sessions (Wed am, Wed pm, Thurs am, & Thurs pm). Receptions Tuesday evening & Wednesday evening. Wednesday evening reception coupled with birds-of-a-feather.
    6. Net Inclusion Lighting Round Application process will open January 8, 2018. Maryanna will do this.
  3. Partner Status.
    1. Visits- Barry & Katherine have made arrangements for January visits to Human-I-T in Los Angeles and c2sdk in San Diego. Will be gathering information for Partner Profiles as well as just getting to know them.
    2. Peer-to-peer University is a new partner
    3. We released the partner profile and newsletter for Ed Tech
  4. Website Updates- Conferences Page, Policy Initiatives, Low cost access options, RAILS Resources (keeping up with Technology)
  5. Peer-to-peer class — Barry & Katherine completed the Mindfulness class. 7 people enrolled, 7 people stayed until the end.
  6. Digital Inclusion Conference in Canada in February
  7. Subscriber call:
    1. Change in subscription software to reduce overhead. Can now have unlimited people on NDIA mailing list, and subscription is 365 days from renewal.
    2. NDIA is preparing a guidebook for digital inclusion coalitions, which will be available prior to the pre-conference workshop in April.
    3. Net Inclusion 2018. See notes above
    4. FCC news: Bad news on Net neutrality, lifeline, and IP transition (reducing requirement for copper fiber – may result in disconnection of elderly)
    5. In conversations with carriers- Charter/Spectrum is learning about NDIA and expressing interest, but not yet sponsorship. Verizon is working with NDIA on a symposium on the full set of aspects of digital inclusion, probably February in Washington DC
    6. Federal Reserve is rolling out “digital inclusion” module for CRA training in January. This may encourage banks to loan for digital inclusion projects.
  8. Financial update: donations & expenses. Note, one of our board members will match non-board member donations up to $200.

4 Action Item Status Updates

Walking through Action Item List and noting updates. In the minutes, this will record items closed during meeting.

  1. Closed 12/15/17 – Opened 6/9/16: Maryanna will consider setting up a course with peer-to-peer – September 2017. 9/15/17 – participated in a peer-to-peer course on Refugees.
  2. Closed 12/15/17. Opened 11/4/16: Find two volunteers to help with something that applies to our mission. (Go to a ConnectChicago meeting, better write-up of grant, run a peer-to-peer class, find info-graphics, etc.) Had one volunteer help with the grant database writeup. Had several people help with testing the peer-to-peer class structure and providing feedback.
  3. Closed 12/15/17. Opened 11/4/16: Start documenting what we are looking for in partner engagement. Barry did this at Is this enough? Discuss whether to close item, and how to share this with partners (Open House in April?) 10/13/17 Put this on a web page.
  4. Closed 12/15/17. Opened 6/19/17 –  Newsletter report on resources — highlighting right to repair and Bridging the Gap (PCs for People partnership with Mobile Beacon.) – Katherine. Included in December newsletter. 
  5. Closed 12/15/17 Opened 11/17/17 – Barry will check on pre-conference workshops for NDIA. What ones are being offered. 

5 Time and Location for Next Meeting

Next meeting –  Wednesday Jan 31 in Scottsdale 2:40 MST

6 Adjourn

Adjourned: 3:51

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