Becoming a partner

If you’d like to become a Partner Agency, please send a request via by filling in this form. There is no fee, simply provide your program description and contact information, and add a link to to your website. We also encourage you to link to things that might be of particular interest to your users such as one of our research papers, training classes, or information about policy initiatives.

Our Vision forĀ PBDD Partner Engagement includes:

  • You will tell us what you want from us.
  • We will promote you. Please promote us (links, articles, etc).
  • We want you to feel you are getting value from being a partner and contributing to the available knowledge on refurbishing, training and increasing digital literacy, so please give us input and feedback on white papers, newsletters and our website.
  • You welcome us when we visit. You review any articles we write about you, and use them as you deem appropriate.
  • You use our web pages as resources and suggest links that others might find useful.
  • You document your processes and let us share them (or let us help you document those processes).
  • You help build a community of people doing similar things.

Details aboutĀ Partner Agencies are available here.