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January 2019 Newsletter- Refurbishing Reflections,  SDFF Partner Profile, Net Inclusion 2019

There are several items in this newsletter: reflections on the last year Net Inclusion 2019 in Charlotte a writeup from Maryanna Milton on becoming a computer refurbisher a partner profile of San Diego Futures Foundation Another Good Year As we … Continue reading

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Last blog post, for now – 06/12/2018

Followers of “Barry’s Reflections” may have noticed a lack of activity on this blog over the last several months. I’ve reached the conclusion that my efforts are better spent working on items focused on the mission  of PBDD. I  hope … Continue reading

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February 2018 Newsletter- Ontario Digital Inclusion Summit and C2SDK Partner Profile

Partner Profile: C2SDK In January, Katherine and I visited California, where we had the opportunity to visit several partners, including Computers to San Diego Kids, Human-I-T, and San Diego Futures Foundation. See here for our full partner profile of  C2SDK. We met … Continue reading

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Digital Inclusion Action: FCC Lifeline comments

The FCC has provided an opportunity for public comments on some proposed changes to the Lifeline Program. NDIA hosted a webinar on the proposed changes, and CUB in Oregon has provided a summary of what those changes are. In summary, they … Continue reading

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Like Riding a Bicycle – 10/16/2017

Before starting PBDD, I spent thirty-two years as an engineer, developing system specifications and software for helping people communicate. A large part of my job involved asking “what if” questions: What if the value provided is out of range? What … Continue reading

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So busy! 09/26/2017

Sometimes, life gets so hectic that there isn’t much time to reflect. There is so much to do that I feel like I can’t afford the time to make a list. It is times like these that it is most … Continue reading

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People can make the world a better place and technology can help – 07/27/2017

Recently, I was taking a walk through a residential neighborhood, and I spotted an envelope with a stamp on it in the middle of the street. I picked up an empty envelope for a wedding invitation response. Fifteen feet away, … Continue reading

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After Net Inclusion: AFTRR 06/16/2017

With the glow from the second Net Inclusion Summit in May starting to fade, last week we found ourselves on the road again, this time to the first national AFTRR meeting in Pittsburgh. AFTRR, which stands for Alliance for Technology … Continue reading

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Keeping Organized – 05/04/2017

Modern life is complicated. While I frequently appreciate that I don’t have to spend all day providing food, water, and the basic necessities of life for myself and my family, I do sometime find that managing the multitude of tasks … Continue reading

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Now we are Two – 03/19/2017

It has been two years since we started Partners Bridging the Digital Divide, and it has certainly been an exciting time to be immersed in digital inclusion. There has been a growing movement to work together, and we have been … Continue reading

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