April 10, 2015 Meeting Notes

Date: Friday, April 10, 2015

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Location: People’s Resource Center, 201 S. Naperville Road, Wheaton Illinois

Meeting Type: Regular Meeting

How Called: Standing meeting

Convened: (time) 10:32

Attendees: Barry, Maryanna, Katherine

1.1 Minutes

Approval of minutes from March meeting. Maryanna motioned to approve the minutes. Katherine seconded. Approved unanimously.

1.2 Update on previous topics

    1. Articles of Incorporation – Have been accepted by the state on March 10th, 2015.
    2. PRC link to PBDD website – Maryanna discussed with staff. No issues, may link to Facebook promotion.
    3. Sharing PRC course materials & procedures – Maryanna discussed with staff, but wants to wait for next program directors’ meeting which is scheduled on April 23rd.
    4. Website updates – Added another partner agency. Added google analytics, cleaned up and moved things around.

1.3 New business

  1. Discuss publication of meeting minutes and agendas on pbdd.org. Benefits: Ease of access, openness, credibility to other organizations, modeling to other organizations. Drawbacks: if confidential information or something proprietary. But we can share supplemental information via email. For example, proposed budgets may not go out. Handle this by having only approved minutes being listed on the web site. Note, agenda and proposed minutes will be at an unlisted page at the website, content will change each month.

Will take picture of initial board and list board members on web site.

2) Other new business – none

1.4 Accomplishments and initiatives

    1. Filings with State and Federal government
      1. Articles of Incorporation – filed with state.
      2. Federal EIN is 47-3424954
      3. Federal 1023-EZ 501(c) (3) We received confirmation that we have that status. Barry used the EZ form which cut the cost and made the application easier to do.
      4. Illinois REG-1 Barry filed this and it was accepted on March 30, 2015. Have an Illinois business income tax account number. See treasurer for details.
      5. Barry set up an account with ‘My Illinois Tax’ online.
      6. Illinois CO-1, CO-2 are for registering as a nonprofit in Illinois. Means we are allowed to do business as a nonprofit in the state. CO-2 is a statement of our financial information. Form has been notarized. Barry will mail them.
      7. State Sales Tax exemption – not yet filed for. Needed other things done first.
      8. Accepting donations on the website – Katherine will pursue using Paypal nonprofit status which will accept both Paypal and credit card donations.Paypal requires confirmation of nonprofit status. Information is from: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/brc/nonprofits-and-limitations on 4/10/15.
        • Evidence of nonprofit registration with any applicable regulatory body such as Articles of Incorporation, IRS 501(c) (3) determination letter, or documentation of candidacy.
        • A pre-printed bank statement or voided check from your account. Starter checks are not acceptable. The organization needs to own each bank account linked to this PayPal account. You can’t use a personal bank account.
        • Information about how you intend to use the money (such as donations or membership fees).
        • Mission statement (if applicable).
        • Subordination or fundraising letter (if applicable).

Will also accept checks, possibly to Barry’s address, or a PO box. Barry will pursue. One downside of listing the address is people may try to donate computers there.

    1. Outreach to refurbishers – Barry has been sending 10 letters a day to his list of 150 refurbishers that he culled. He personalizes each letter, and has gotten some response at a level which can be dealt with. NetLiteracy in Indianapolis agreed to partner. They have a collection of what they call ‘best practices’ which he would describe as  ‘neat ideas.’ Other potential partners have asked questions including having checked our 501 (c) (3) status. Many times the questions asked helped to refine the charter of PBDD. Barry will continue sending out letters and answering questions. He’s over half way through the list from the Microsoft Registered Refurbishers directory within the U.S. He checked each web site (where there was one), and looked for ones that provided nonprofit services. The initial list was thousands and the culled list is 150. Katherine will look into putting that on our website.
    2. Identifying Training partners – While there is some training with refurbishers, the next big initiative is to find who does computer training—such as libraries. Maryanna will send Barry the contact information for DuPage libraries to get started.
    3. Banking – Barry opened an account with West Suburban on 4/9/15 which has no fees and no minimum (except for out of ordinary costs such as certified checks.) Barry will list out what has been spent so far, and a proposed budget for the fiscal year which is March 1 to end of February.
    4. Accepting donations – see above.
    5. Other – planning to visit partner agencies, and other refurbishers. Barry is working on how to help people get started by perhaps asking a series of questions.

1.5 Time and Location for next meeting –

May 8th 10:30 at PRC Wheaton.

1.6 Adjourn –

Katherine made a motion to adjourn. Maryanna seconded. Passed unanimously.

Adjourned: (Time) 11:33

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