Training within this site:

  • People’s Resource Center Course Material – instructor-led course material on a variety of computer topics from Introduction to Computers, Window Fundamentals, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, email, miscellaneous.
  • RAILS Training Material from Reaching Across the Illinois Library System. Many topics including Android tablet, Cloud Computing, Cutting the Cable, Excel, Macbook, Photoshop, Windows 8

Links to other general training sites:

  1. NDIA training suggestions – links to a wide variety of classes, some of which require subscriptions which may be available through local public libraries or state library systems (noted as such)
  2. Connected Nation’s Drive Your Learning (self-paced on-line courses in computer and life skills- requires registration)
  3. Denver Public Library has posted the course material from their technology classes, including a subset of Computer introduction classes in Spanish
  4. GCF LearnFree (on-line self paced courses on computer, education, life skills). See also the GCF Learnfree South American websites: for Spanish, and for Portugese.
  5. TechBoomers (a set of material introducing a variety of popular web-sites)
  6. Gail’s Toolkit, a set of technology classes from Gail Borden Public Library, structured with instructor guides, activity sheet, handouts, plus presentation and additional material
  7. Excel Easy, a rich set of instruction pages on Excel, from basic to advanced topics with 300 examples.

Note, there is also location-specific training as part of Information can be found here.

Tools to help with training

A couple of good resources for people involved in computer literacy training include:

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment – a website providing computer skill assessment tests and can allow partner organizations to provide certificates to end users.

People to People University provides a framework for peer to peer learning using on-line courses. There is a wealth of information to help plan for and run a peer to peer class. It also includes tools for developing on-line courses and to help with the mechanics of enrollment for a class.

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