Topics for White Papers

We have published our white papers  and plan to do more.

Possible topics  for the next white paper include:

  1. Best practices in finding, reusing, and developing training material
  2. How organizations use volunteers effectively, or not.
  3. How to get a program started in an underserved area.
  4. What other agencies are doing (and recommend) with regard to measurements, particularly measuring impact of programs. This is something many donors, volunteers, and grant-givers would like to see, to ensure that their funds are being used effectively. (stakeholders including potential grant givers).
  5. Experiences using Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) loans to sponsor digital inclusion programs. The Federal Reserve Bank will be coming out with a paper in June expanding the use of CRA funds to make it clear that digital inclusion is a part of the community capacity building, though CRA funds have been used to support some digital inclusion efforts already.
  6. Describe modes of instruction- six week courses versus single session versus one-on-one tutoring versus on-line training with support (e.g. learning circles)- perhaps recommendations on when each of these is most effective.
  7. Literacy and Digital Literacy- experiences teaching computer skills where reading in English is not a strong skill.
  8. Sample survey on who is doing computer training,
  9. How other organizations (like libraries) fit into a global picture on digital information,
  10. Best practices in grant writing.
  11. Refurbishing non-Windows equipment–how to get started. Like what businesses are doing when using tablets (even housekeeping at hotels are using them these days.)
  12. Experiences with learning circles

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