RAILS Training Material

The material provided here was developed by members of Computer Class Instructors group of RAILS- Reaching Across Illinois Library Systems, and may be reused with attribution, under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.

In a recent discussion, a member asked which resources other members used to stay abreast of new technology trends that may affect library services and programming. Here were their suggestions:

  • Ars Technica – Includes article on Net Neutrality, Gaming, and other topics of interest
  • KrebsOnSecurity – an independent journalist who does an excellent job reporting on infosec issues such as data breaches and security flaws in hardware and software. The other two also have great video game reviews and non-tech related articles that are not only good news information, but can also inspire other PR/Programming that may or may not affect technology.
  • Computers in Libraries Magazine offers a solid roundup of useful websites and social media tools that can translate into class ideas.
  • Library Hotline and Library Journal are other good resources for library-related sources.
  • Wired magazine for trends and interesting tech new.
  • CNET and PC Magazine for reviews, ratings and information about products and software
  • Social Media Examiner is useful for gleaning important updates and tutorials on social media quickly.
  • Google News’s technology section

Topics for which course material is available are:


Building a PC

Cell Phone Photography


Chromebook (Crystal Lake Public Library)

Cutting the Cable




  • Outline for I can Use my iPAD, from Mount Prospect Public Library. (PDF format. MS-Word available upon request from pbdd.org)


Photoshop Elements

Image 1

Image 2

Prezi: Prezi-Handout


Windows 8

Windows 10- Intermediate (Gail Borden Public Library)

Following are PDF versions of the course material files. If you are interested in MS-Office versions, please contact pbdd.org

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