Support and encourage agencies working to bridge the digital divide

We help nonprofit organizations which provide training and computer resources to those who need it. We encourage you to take a look at what we have by clicking on the links above, read our about us page, or you can Read More at Our Blog

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The digital divide refers to the socioeconomic disparities between people who are able to benefit from digital technology such as the Internet and those who do not have the ready access or skills to use these digital resources.

It is almost impossible to do anything these days without having some computer literacy: applying for a job, taking the GED test, communicating with family. We help by providing resources and information about successful endeavors to bridge the digital divide.

Our mission is to support and encourage nonprofit agencies to bridge the digital divide. Our goal is to improve existing programs and provide help starting programs in unserved areas. Our vision is that everyone has access to digital technology and training.

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Our primary goals are:

    • gather and share information relevant to non-profit refurbishers and technical training agencies regarding programs, processes, and resources.
    • encourage initiatives in underserved communities to bridge the digital divide.
    • build on existing structures to identify and address needs which aren’t being met.

We  provide the following services:

    1. Maintain and grow this web-site as a forum for sharing of information
    2. Maintain a directory of organizations with similar missions
    3. Document, maintain, and publicize best practices
    4. Raise and provide funding for working together
    5. Provide mentoring and support for agencies that are just getting started
    6. Heighten awareness of the digital divide and promote the efforts being made to address it

Our accomplishments include:

  1. Launching in March, 2015, as an Illinois corporation recognized as a US 501(c)3
  2. Partnering with fifteen agencies working to bridge the digital divide.  For a full listing, take a look at our partner agencies page.
  3. Running as a transparent organization, including publication of our monthly board meetings with recognition by GuideStar as a silver level participant.
  4. Writing white papers by gathering information from our partner agencies, looking for common themes, and analyzing the results. Our first AnatomyOfBestInClass-v1.0, in July 2015, includes an analysis of the clients of different agencies. Our second,  Lessons from Starting a Bridging Agency, March 2016, extracts some key practices learned from our partner agencies.
  5. Participation in industry conferences including sharing information gained through attendance. See write-ups from prior conferences in our newsletters.

Our current tasks include:

We welcome your input, and look forward to a meaningful future.

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